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US Secretary of State seek Introduction Leave the day, countries with a focus on, such as the UK, was carried out consultations aimed at nuclear agreement maintenance on nuclear weapons development in Iran in Vienna (Austria). While there is also the impact that the departure from the United States of the nuclear agreement, nuclear weapons development issues surrounding Iran has had a great influence on the situation in the Middle East. Middle East While repeating the US and Iran is "Kakuchiku" in the region, the world is watching the development of the situation in the Middle East. On the other hand, the presence of the drug is also a big problem in Iran. The first place once Iran itself was well-known as a producer of opium. Has the analgesia narcotics component acts to sympathetic nervous system, there are circumstances which have been used in medical purposes. Have been widely used narcotics such such as heroin and morphine as well as opium in Iran, its main source is Afghanistan. Iran has also been used as a relay base of Afghan narcotics for neighboring countries.

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