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US President, the Middle East problem is [national solution] ...

US Secretary of State seek Trump US President is the day, according to an interview with Reuters at the White House, Tour of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, it showed the idea of ​​the concept of national solution is preferable. Trump said this month the day, at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, shows the idea of ​​not particular about the national co-exist, suggesting a change in policy of the US administration. Drew criticism from the international community, but it's looking that fixes this in this remark. This time of the speech, even as the United States took action towards the efforts resumption of the peace implementation Middle East, can send a message of principle is a pillar of many years of peace negotiations is not abandoned Israel, in Palestine both and the international community of there is. However, Trump said declined to confirm the US commitment to the final Palestinian state established again, said [both may be the solution to satisfy].

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