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Given the Syria such as the Middle East problem? Middle East problem ...

US Secretary of State seek Middle East issues, including the Syria while the purchase of used machinery will float to the head. Syria's civil war has produced a large number of refugees lingering. The current government of Syria has deep ties to Iran, that are supporting it Iran Russia China, is one of the anti-government side In the United States, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Also shows the appearance of the United States and Russia on behalf of the struggle. Further complicated because at stake is religious is to further the Middle East problem. Israel is Judaism but around is mostly Muslim, War of religion cult is also prone areas. Once, but the Jewish King Solomon had built a kingdom in the Middle East west, Conquered the regional ethnic By origin was a cognate, I have a feeling close to relatives hatred. From such differences due to speculation and the religion of the great powers, the Middle East is also understood well the is said to be a powder keg,

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