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Block chain start-up for the Trump administration Middle ...

US Secretary of State seek Trump administration, towards the block chain solutions introduced for the resolution of the Middle East problem, it is now clear that promoted the partnership with Israel of virtual currency start-up companies Orbs. According to the New York Times, Steven Mnuchin US Treasury Secretary, investment in the Palestinian areas, said that [is IPO that is overheating, the White House is considering the investment 00 $ 100 million so-called [Peace to Prosperity] plan and is that of that. Promote multiple projects under the surface Netta Korin, co-founder of Orbs is that of the said [that advances the current US government and multiple projects under water] by e-mail to the Coindesk. Korin said, it is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization Hexa Foundation to work on block chain project. Korin said, is that of to have been invited to show the magnificent possibilities of block chain technology. More of the problems Trump regime is facing currently are those requiring efficiency and transparency, is that the running in the direction of introducing the block chain in order to solve these problems.

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