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Kurdish Another of the Middle East problem

US Secretary of State seek Kurdish is an unhappy nation. Is said to be the largest of the nation that does not have a state, its number is also referred to as a million people with million people. A big nation, second only Arab, Turkey, in Persia in the Middle East. Land inhabited by Kurds, Kurdistan has a size comparable to France. However, Kurdistan in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, is divided into Syria, it has been persecuted by any of its country. I do not know the exact number of Kurds is because there is no reliable statistics. First of all, in Turkey, with its maximum of the Kurdish population, it has become that there is no nation that the [Kurdish]. They are history, except for were present in western Iran only year two months [My Harvard Republic], have never had an independent nation. I wonder've Why become a thing. The concept of [Kurdish] is, until the early 20th century did not exist. In the Ottoman Empire, which many of them live, ethnic groups that speak a variety of languages ​​had been co-mingled as mosaic.

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