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US Secretary of State seek Middle East problem The Middle East is a problem, because the Jews had made the country of Israel, to say that there lived not a Jew was ethnic (Arabs) can not be convinced, but there is the strength of the means or claims, the eviction to Jews it is of friction is happening between them from things that are imminent (have come up with a fire in rubbing too). For more details, below. The beginning of the Middle East problem Poor ethnic Jews who do not have a country had scattered all over the world. It had been kicked out by the Roman army from the Jews was born in place (Palestine). Then all the way, has been persecuted because there is no one who will protect their rights. Therefore, do they now want to have the nation. However, even looking for anywhere in the world, it does not have should have vacant lots enough to the country. Now even further town where Jews were born is a thing of the people. However, there is still the did not mean to be independent as a nation. This Palestine, after the Roman Empire was destroyed was the Ottoman Turkey and the territory, after the Ottoman Turkey has perished in the First World War is the Mandates of Europe.

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