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US Secretary of State seek Pope to open the Benedictine world has presided over the Middle East Synod (Synod) the day the final meeting, the bishops of the Middle East region within which appealed strongly to terminate the Palestinian occupation of Israel to the United Nations. Daily newspaper of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reported this statement and [most welcome news in the last few years about the Middle East]. The Catholic Church, in the final resolution of the Synod, which was held over the week, [the Middle East of the people, the international community, especially the United Nations, an effort to find a peaceful, and of fair and clear the Middle East problem solution (Israel at night) are seeking to take the legal steps necessary to end the Arabs of the land occupation. Also it to do so, will help to get an independent sovereign state that can be transmitted is life that Palestinian people have dignity and peace of mind. And Israel will be able to enjoy peace and security. ]It has said. The same resolution, [Jerusalem, Judaism, Christianity, will acquire the original there is positioned to be as an important holy place for that One of the religion Islam.

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