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Tension to the situation in the Middle East - peace and stability ...

US Secretary of State seek Influence of Iran to expand in the shadow of the [Islamic State] uproar Month, at the request of the Iraqi government, a coalition of the willing, such as the US military began air strikes support for the recapture of northern Tikrit. Tikrit is the key junction of traffic connecting Mosul and Baghdad is a base for Islamic countries, is an important region in terms of Iraqi security forces to deploy combat. US Department of Defense Warren news director, the Tikrit recapture strategy has been led by Iraqi security forces, the success of the strategy is [that it is cooperation partner to become the most dependable US military is important that the Iraqi side is understanding] and pointed out has. This remark, Iran in the shadow of the pair [Islamic State] war will seems to have in mind that you are expanding the influence against Iraq. Because, originally month in Tikrit recapture strategy has been initiated, military personnel of Iran has carried out a combat guidance same Shiite nation of Iraq security forces, including about million people Shiite militias, the US military to the Te is because there is a history that did not support the request from the Iraqi government side.

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