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Russian Foreign Minister, _ concerned about the proposal ...

US Secretary of State seek Russian Lavrov Foreign Minister is the day, met with Safadi Foreign Minister in Jordan's capital Amman, [Trump US President's proposed "century of the deal (transaction)" initiatives and to the Middle East peace called, of the United States over the Golan Heights and Jerusalem position showed a concern that there is a possibility that the influence of the negative to the Middle East problem. Safadi Foreign Minister [of Jordan Abdullah world king, defended the legitimate rights and interests of the Palestinian people, that support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state to East Jerusalem as its capital, has repeatedly expressed its traditional position] was made . And depends on the Israeli media, the proposed Palestinian state in the Trump US President [century of the deal] is a part of East Jerusalem as a capital, is that the West Bank of the 0 of the land that he intended to be the national land.

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